Introductory Trades Training Program Graduation: 2017

Calframax is pleased to announce that 3 of our employees are graduates of the Introductory Trades Training Program. This program allows individuals to learn the tool and mold trade with hands on experience. Chris Fraser, Russel Caraang, and Jonas Caraang have chosen to start their career at Calframax specializing in industrial container industry. Calframax enjoys taking on individuals who are ready for a challenge within the trade.

After going through different departments of Calframax for training, Chris has found a home within our CNC department showing great skill. Russel and Jonas have found their spot within our design department and are learning quickly. Calframax is pleased to have these employees be a part of not only machining high speed molds, but also designing them.

Jonas (Far Right) & Russel Caraang (Right) Introductory Trades Training Program Graduates with their family as well as Calframax Design Engineer Doug C. (Left), Calframax President Ray L. (Center), and Floor Manager Ken M. (Right)